ePak - Level 1

ePak Level 1 is a set of basic skills in Google Docs, Google Classroom and Moodle that all staff need to go through with their eMentors.

These skills are based around using the software that will make eLearning for our students on their mobile devices as easy and efficient as possible.

You only have to do Level 1 once.

There are resources on the eLearning site and a lot online that help with these digital tools. Every faculty has an eMentor which is there to help go through ePak with you.

The skills included in ePak Level 1 are included below:

Google Classroom:

Create Classroom
Add Students
Edit/Delete class
Classroom Communication (email)
Create assignment
Complete assignment
Create questions

Google Docs & Google Drive

Logging In
Drive - Creating folders
Drive - Sharing folders
Create Google Doc
Share Google Doc
Create Google Form
Share Google Form
Collate Google Form Data
Forms Google URL Shortener


Create class Moodle page
Upload files
Use Topics