View All Work Anytime - Managing Assignments in Classroom

Watch the video to see how to view any student's work at anytime; scroll down further to see written instructions with diagrams.

View any student's work anytime and comment on it anytime by creating an assignment in Google Classroom following these steps:
  1. Make sure the document is a 'Google Doc' NOT a 'Word Document' 
  2. Create an assignment and add the Google Doc to it and make sure to select the setting 'Make a copy for each student'  
  3. Click on the 'Not done'  option on the assignments to view individual assignments anytime. 
  1. It only works with Google Docs; you can attach Word Docs but it will not allow you to view any students work anytime
  2. You CAN view and comment on work when it is showing up as 'not done'; this only means they have not yet clicked 'turn in' 
  3. 'Adding' a file to an assignment and 'turning in' a file a different things. As soon as an assignment is started or added you can view and comment on the work if it is a Google Doc
  4. Students CANNOT view comments on work or edit it if they turn it in so if you just want to view and comment simply get them to add a file without clicking 'turn in'    
More detailed instructions:  

Lastly, if you have an existing resource as a Word Doc that you want to use as a Google Doc simply add it to drive (dragging and dropping a Word file in works), then right click and select

 'Open with' --> 'Google Docs'