Downloading Secure Versions of Google Classroom Assignments

Downloading a Secure Version of all Assignments

All your classes and assignments from Google Classroom are accessible and downloadable as folders in Google Drive.

You can simply browse to an assignment and download all student work with one click!

Why this might be useful...

It is important to know that Google Classroom Assignments can be 'UNSUBMITTED' by students or 'RETURNED' by teachers.

When this happens, assignments can be further modified by students.

This might not be a problem in some cases but if you need a secure copy as evidence against student grades or if you have a fixed submission time you may want to download a secure version of all student work at a set time.

This is especially important in the case of NCEA work.

Be aware that some image formatting may be lost when Google Docs are converted to Word Docs but all information should still be in the documents.

How to do this...

There is an easy way to do this with only a few clicks.

You can browse your Google Classroom folders from Google Drive.

Simply browse to the right folder for the class and assignment you want then 'right-click' and select 'Download'.

This will download ALL student work as .ZIP files.

Follow these instructions if you are not sure.

Note: the file that will be downloaded to your computer is a zipped file. You will need to right-click on the file and select 'Extract All' to be able to open it as a normal folder. If you are not sure how to do this or whether you need to do this talk to other people in your faculty or your e-mentor.