Assignments in Google Classroom - Viewing vs. Submitting - Tips for understanding how they work

Tips on Assignments

Key Points: 

  • you can view and comment on work before students submit, check the details below if you are not sure how to do this
  • students cannot see your comments once the work is submitted, you need to return the assignment (or student can 'unsubmit')
  • there are different types of files you can add to assignments and different ways students can create and add files to an assignment 

More info on different ways to work with assignments...

The 'Make a copy for each student' option

If you have a Google Document you want students to fill in as part of an assignment you can get Google Classroom to automatically create a copy for every student.

Do this by selecting --> 'make a copy for each student' when adding a Google Drive Document/Sheet etc

 Most importantly when you create assignments this way you will be able to view and comment on their progress at any time!

At the moment it seems like this is only an option when you first set the assignment up so make sure to do it the first time around. 
If you want students to create a blank document instead of using the 'make a copy for each student' option, get them to click on create button in the assignment or to 'add' an existing document. 

You will be able to view and comment on their work as soon as they click 'create' or 'add' in the assignment.  

IMPORTANT: you can view and comment on work while it is 'NOT DONE' . 'DONE' means the student has clicked 'TURN IN' / 'SUBMIT' and is no longer working on it. 

Students cannot view comments on their work while they it is 'SUBMITTED'; this can seem strange but it is because Google Classroom doesn't allow people to view comments on documents they do not have permission to edit.

If you have commented on submitted work and you want students to read it you need to 'RETURN' the assignment or get students to 'UN-SUBMIT' the assignment.

You can add different types of files to support assignments.

You can add Google Drive files, files from your computer, YouTube videos or links to websites. 

NOTE: Only Google Drive files like Docs/Sheets/Slide Shows etc are easy for the teacher to view and comment on student work; if you add an assessment resource as a Microsoft Word Document it is not easy to view and comment on it while students work.